ACH Track

ACH Track

These sessions focus on increasing awareness about the most critical ACH-related topics necessary to operate and compete today and tomorrow.

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Monday, April 30, 2018


ACH | Intermediate
10:00 AM-10:50 AM | Room 3
With the initial rollout of Same Day ACH completed, it is time to start looking towards the future. In this session, speakers address four potential enhancements to Same Day ACH based on feedback received during the initial phases, including better scheduling for West Coast Financial Institutions, a need to process large-dollar ACH transactions, funds availability and additional features for use cases such as payroll, bill payments and B2B. Attendees leave this session with a better understanding of the potential upcoming NACHA rule changes, key strategies for leveraging same-day transactions and having identified operational changes that may be necessary to support potential Same Day ACH enhancements.
Nell Campbell-Drake, AAP
Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Michael L. Herd
Senior Vice President, ACH Network Administration, NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association
Joe W. Hussey
Managing Director, J.P. Morgan
Alex C. Romeo
Vice President, EPN Product Manager, The Clearing House

Operating 24/7/365: A Dialogue with Community Institutions

ACH | Intermediate
11:10 AM-12:00 PM | Room 7A
As the industry ushers in Same Day ACH, new faster payments channels, and products enabling quick and effective personal and business commerce, community banks and credit unions are working to keep pace and embrace the change. Join this panel discussion on their journey; from revelation to reality as panelists discuss garnering senior management support, engaging their core processors, establishing a plan and business cases, and the operational impacts and adjustments necessary to actively participate in the faster payments revolution.
Walt Cox
Assistant Vice President, Payments, Redwood Credit Union
Jennifer Craft, AAP
Business Systems Analyst, ESL Federal Credit Union
Victoria Pettersen, AAP
Product Manager, United Bank Inc.
Shannon Tramontin
Senior Vice President, eBanking Services, Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Moderated by: Amy L. Smith, AAP, CAE
Vice President & Executive Director, The Clearing House Payments Authority

The ACH Audit: Reality, Requirements & Simplification

ACH | Intermediate
1:15 PM-2:05 PM | Room 9
This highly interactive “fireside chat”-style session begins with an attendee poll that will lay the groundwork for the rest of the conversation. Speakers explore the current landscape of ACH operations and how financial institutions continue to rely on extensive manual procedures. They also provide an in-depth look at best practices for ACH risk management and reporting and why such practices are important to financial institutions. The conversation rounds out with tactical examples of leveraging technology to simplify ACH operations.
Brad Johnson
Director, Business Development, Centrix Solutions, a Q2 Company
Shannon Tramontin
SVP, ebanking Services, Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Moderated: Pamela T. Rodriguez, AAP, CIA, CISA
President & CEO, ePayAdvisors

Where We are Now: Same Day ACH Success

ACH | Intermediate
4:40 PM-5:30 PM | Room 5A
Subsequent to the deployment of all three phases of Same Day ACH, practitioners share their success stories evaluating the results of implementation. Panelists share how client satisfaction scores improved, how they measured risk mitigation by improving the speed of ACH debits, and measured the benefit of same-day use of funds for their interfaces. WEB, TEL and ARC conversion use cases are analyzed, as well as payroll, payroll funding and how the extension for use for digital payments makes this a compelling option. Panelists and attendees also explore suggestions for future use and how the advent of real-time payments may integrate with solutions.
Colleen P. Lindow, CCM, CAMS
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Account Management,
Trisha Sarno
ENS & Tax Compliance Product Manager, PAYCHEX, Inc.
Moderated by: Steven E. Bernstein
Executive Director, ACH, Global ACH Marketing & Product, J.P. Morgan

TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2018

Drive Value with the ISO 20022 Validator Tool

ACH | Fundamental
10:15 AM-11:05 AM | Room 10
More and more companies and financial institutions in the U.S. are adopting ISO 20022. Yet, migrating to ISO 20022 is not so simple nor straightforward. A growing challenge is the technical preparation in sending and receiving payment message files in the corporate on-boarding process. Hear real-world experiences on implementation of ISO 20022 for corporate to bank payment operations. Learn about the latest product available on NACHA's ISO 20022 Resource Center to complement NACHA's ISO 20022 Mapping Guide & Tool to offer efficiencies and reduce risk in the ISO 20022 integration process.
Michelle A. Palombo, AAP, CTP
Managing Director, Global Client Access, BNY Mellon
Nasreen Quibria
Senior Advisor, Innovation and Technology, NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association

Optimizing Payment Risk Mitigation in Real Time

ACH | Intermediate
11:20 AM-12:10 PM | Room 8
Leveraging real-time data to perform risk evaluation and mitigation is core to every payment operation. The more successful the tools, the more successful the results, whether a corporate, government or financial entity. This panel shares what and how the tools are used to successfully preclude payment risk and fraud, how these tools are enhanced in real-time and how the use of APIs, Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and data integration directly lead to improved operational functions and faster payments. In addition to sharing how these tools are integrated, panelists detail how to successfully and rapidly onboard a customer or corporate entity in real time while managing possible negative outcomes, as well as best practices for both payables and receivables integration.
Lisa Hrabosky
Director, Global Core Payments, PayPal Inc.
Rene Lacerte
Founder & CEO,
Hector E. Sandoval, CTP
VP, Product Line Leader, Early Warning
Moderated by: Steven E. Bernstein
Executive Director, ACH, Global ACH Marketing & Product, J.P. Morgan

ACH & Fraud Trends: Is the Sheriff in Town?

ACH | Intermediate
2:30 PM-3:20 PM | Room 9
The ACH Network has been a relatively low-risk payment channel, yet the risk of fraud, customer, and bank losses exists. The faster velocity of payments can also contribute to increased risk. There are many tools available to counter and reduce fraud available to the “sheriffs." Speakers take attendees through the landscape of fraud in the ACH Network, while illustrating trends and the impact of faster ACH payments to date, as well as advise on some methods and tools to counter fraud at the client - and financial institution - level. Presenters also cover best practices for vetting clients, setting and monitoring soft exposure limits, and online banking risk mitigation for ACH origination.
Peter Hohenstein
Senior Director, ACH Network Administration, NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association
Thomas Lopes
SVP, ACH Product Management, Citibank N.A.

Using Benchmarking to Set Your Payments Strategy

ACH | Intermediate
4:35 PM-5:25 PM | Room 9
The results of EPCOR’s 2017 Payments Benchmarking Study are now available. EPCOR distributed the survey to 1,941 member financial institutions, with the goal of providing insights to the payments industry on the approaches and plans that financial institutions in the central U.S. are taking in relation to all things payments. Attend this session to hear the results of the survey and gain insightful information on how financial institution operations staff can create their own strategy that compliments your organization’s strategic and corporate plan.
Elizabeth A. Cronenweth, AAP, CTP
SVP, ACH Segment Manager, Huntington National Bank
Jennifer Kirk, AAP
VP, Industry & Government Relations, EPCOR

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Peaks & Potholes with ACH Exposure Limit Implementation

ACH | Intermediate
8:00 AM-8:50 AM | Room 4
If you are using file limit monitoring in your ACH processing, chances are your auditors have let you know this is not sufficient to control and report risk associated with ACH origination for your financial institution. In many cases, back-office systems are inadequate for measuring and reporting the sum of all outstanding files for your ACH originators.  Converting to a system capable of monitoring ACH exposure, taking file settlement timing into consideration, is not without challenges. While your vendor can carry you through the day-to-day aspects of the process, many other considerations present themselves, including education for personnel and clients, documentation of the new process, and potential changes to your financial institution's ACH operations and credit policies. Learn how to implement smartly with a checklist for implementation.
Mariah Nowlin Chapman
Treasury Management Product Development, iBERIABANK
Kevin Northcutt
TM Operations Manager, iBERIABANK
Dominic A. Plumeri, AAP
Director, Risk & Compliance, PaymentsFirst, Inc.

An ODFI’s Guide to ACH Origination Agreements

ACH | Intermediate
9:05 AM-9:55 AM | Room 3
ACH origination services require an understanding of risk. As faster payments continue to progress and mobile payment applications gain ground, more community banks and credit unions are becoming ODFIs and they need to be prepared to accept the risks associated with it. Risk should be addressed beginning with the ACH Origination Agreement, as it is also a vital component in laying down the law for both sides. Originators need to know their obligations to ODFIs, as well as their responsibilities and service parameters. In this session attendees “take a walk” through the ACH Origination Agreement as each section of a typical agreement is reviewed and various areas of risk and proper risk mitigation techniques are discussed.
Julie Bobb
Vice President & Senior Product Manager, Bank of the West
Paul A. Carrubba
Partner, Adams & Reese, LLP
John M. Curtis, AAP, NCP
SVP, Education & Training, WesPay

Can We Pay You Now? Verizon's ACH Journey

ACH | Intermediate
10:10 AM-11:00 AM | Room 4
Verizon set out to optimize its use of electronic payments, opening doors to evaluating the efficacy of its business, providers and future strategic initiatives. Join speakers for an informative case study where they explore the practice of evaluating and implementing a new ACH provider. Attendees learn best practices and pitfalls encountered during the process, as well as gain practical implementation tips, such as getting your IT and operations staff on board, and how to leverage these tips today. . In addition, representatives from Verizon share their outlook on payments in the consumer space, including the impact of Same Day ACH and other faster payments capabilities.
Charles Ellert
Head of Payments Strategy, Verizon
Michelle Ziolkowski, CTP
SVP, ACH Group Product Manager, Wells Fargo

Session details are subject to change.